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/!\ We are in the Ricard S.A Live Music TOP 100 /!\


We would like to thanks our fans, friends and family for their support during this contest ! Some of you spent a lot of time to make this possible ! Today we prove that We Were Sly is growing up, and we will be heared by a lot of professionnal guys, and it's up to you ! Thank you !

VOTE for us at Ricard S.A Live Music !


Hi guys ! We are participating to RICARD SA LIVE MUSIC ! So please, help us to be in the TOP 100 by voting for us here :

>> CLICK HERE ! <<

New video clip : Powerless


Here we are ! The music video of our song "Powerless" is out ! Check this out and share it with your friends !

New video clip : Confession In Desperation


Here we are ! The music video of our song "Confession In Desperation" is out ! Check this out and share it with your friends !

Here we are guys ! We did it ! Our first CD is now available everywhere on the internet !


C'est y est les amis, on y est ! Notre CD est en vente partout sur le net !
Vous voulez un copie physique ? Demandez-la nous en message privé (meilleure solution), ou commandez-la ici :…/act-i-illusions-frustratio… Vous voulez votre copie digitale ? C'est par ici !
Et bien d'autres ! Vous préférez commencer par une écoute assidue ?

WIN YOUR TICKETS for our release party


Win your tickets for our release party at Bus Palladium, Paris !
- 2 TICKETS TO WIN for the one who will bring us the more of "like" to our page.
- 2 TICKETS TO WIN for the one who will make the craziest thing for us : Fan Art, Cover, Tag, Video, Ad...
Do whatever you want !

Our first CD’s coming out !


It has been announced for a long time now, and we are working on it for a while ! Our very first CD « Act I - Illusions & Frustrations » is coming out on March the 4th, 2016 !!! And for the occasion, we will give a big release party at « Le Bus Palladium » (Paris) at the same date ! But so much more than a CD, it’s a story you will enter in. The story of a guy, of a generation, the story of a sinking world we’re living in. So save your date my friend ! Cause we will rock this place out !



Be the first to join our « Fallen Kids Club » (FREE), and get exclusive news, first access to pre-sales, and the mp3 version of our entire live in La Cigale !

Welcome !


Here we are guys ! Welcome to our website ! You will find here all the We Were Sly stuff : photos, videos, musics, news and so on… It’s here that you will find the 3 CDs we will release during the 12 following month, all the music and lyrics videos, some unplugged songs, and maybe a few more surprises !
Still checking out….

We Were Sly

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